Property selling process

Property selling process: Real estate has a life of its own as well as its own character. Every property is unique and the possibilities to deal with it are as varied and individual as their number. We support you with all questions relating to real estate and develop the right concept for you.


Current market Valuation of your property: The most important step is to determine the current market value of your property. Coast Estates Sotogrande will assist you with a free in-depth valuation of your property taking into account key facts, the condition of the property, real estate comparisons in the area, and current market situation.

Market your property:


             •Photos of your property (Coast Estates Sotogrande provides the service                 for free, however we recommend a professional picture shoot)

             •Preparation of property E-Card description

             •Uploading of the property on Coast Estates Sotogrande Website as well                 as other international property portals

             •Personalized Newsletter of the property for Coast Estates Sotogrande                    database

             •Marketing of the property in numerous social media platter forms

             •Open House Events up on request

             •Property Viewings

Offer and sales conditions:

  •Negotiation process for the price of the property

  •Agreement on the conditions of the purchase of the property

  •Cooperation with the legal representatives of both parties (Legal checks of the property, documentation, and purchase conditions)

  •Follow up on steps to completion and liaising with all parties throughout the process for the successful closing of the purchase

  •Notary and handover of the property

  •After-sales Assistance

Property Buying Process

Property buying process: Dealing with real estate can mean a lot of bureaucracy and raise many questions. Every country has there very own procedures when it comes to the buying process, and we therefore always recommend to proceed in a well-informed and structured manner. We cooperate with the best lawyers in the area, and they will always be pleased to accompany and advise our clients in all questions that may arise during the sales process.


At Coast Estates Sotogrande we pride ourselves for finding the perfect fit for our clients. Nothing makes us happier than searching the property market until delivering the dream property!


We would like to get to know you personally, either over the phone or even better, over a coffee so that we can together explore your exact search criteria.


To give you a little insight into the buying process in Andalusia, we have written a short summary with the most important points.

First contact with the real estate market:

           1) If you do not know Sotogrande and its surroundings yet, Coast Estates Sotogrande would be happy to meet you and give you a free tour of the area so that you can get your first impressions!


          2) We give great importance in accompanying our clients personally and advise on any question or query that may come up at any time. The better we know you, the easier it is for us to find your dream property.  


          3) Talk the purchase expenses and taxes through, and then decide on a final budget as well as a searching criteria.



    •Coast Estates Sotogrande will scan through the Sotogrande Real Estate Market considering budget, preferred location and property criteria.

    •Our team will compare available properties in the market within the multi listing system in order to find the best deal from all other platforms. Make it easier for yourself to sticking to one agent which you can trust, work the market over for you and organise your appointments in the best possible manner.


Price negotiation, agreements and completion:

   •Once the ideal home is found, our team with do a thorough comparison and property price valuation.

   •Many different conditions may have an effect on the agreed price, so we make sure to explore every single one of these with our clients in order to get the best deal.

   •Price agreement from both parties.

   •Assistance on finding a suitable lawyer.

   •Arrangement of the signing of the reservation contract or private purchase contact.

   •Notary and completion of the purchase with the signing of the title deeds and payment of remaining quantities.

   •Any questions that may arise regarding the process described about, please feel free to drop us and email or give us a call.

Rental Services

Rental services: The demand for rental properties in and around Sotogrande has increased enormously in the past two years. We have years of experience renting properties and can walk you through all the steps questions.

 Just like in sales, we guarantee a professional presentation of your property on various real estate portals as well as on numerous social media portals.

Obtaining references from the tenant: In order to find the right tenant, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the right clientele for rentals within this market and of course, do a thorough check of all legal documents of the potential tenant. Our rental service includes obtaining the following documents from the prospective tenant:


   •1. Copy of identity card

   •2. Self-declaration form prepared by Coast Estates Sotogrande which includes the personal data of the client

   •3. References: Proof of income, employment contract, previous tenant certificate

Rental agreement for long term:

  •1. Negotiation of terms and conditions between owner and potential tenant

  •2. Advising on all questions about the terms of the contract

  •3. Creation of a legally checked rental agreement, with translations if necessary.


After signing the rental agreement:

 •Property inventory with Photos to document the condition of the property, appliances, and furnishings

 •Formal property handover including written handover protocol with reading of meters, number of keys etc.

 •Management of the property during the rental period (Service upon request)

 •Formal property check out service.


Holiday rentals: Did you know that Sotogrande is one of on the most sought over resort for families, Polo-followers, Golfers, and outdoor activity fans on the Costa del Sol and southern Europe for spending the summer holidays? Many owners cover the total cost of the property for the year by renting out their property over the summer.


We would be happy to support you with long-term and short-term rentals and to be at your side with any questions you may have.