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About Sotogrande

The story of a unique Resort called Sotogrande began in 1962, when Joseph McMiking from Ayala Cooperation from Manila, Philippines, asked his Employee Fredy Melian to go on a mission to Spain and find the ideal plot for him to create a unique an exclusive resort for families and friends. He based the vision of this project on the luxury Forbes Park estate in Manila. The criteria were clear; a large place, with at least one kilometre of coastline, good connections and lots of water. This is where it all began.


Joseph McMicking and his Nephews invested in five farms: Sotogrande, Paniagua, Valderrama, El Conchudo and Los Canos, with a total of 1,800 hectares. Close to the mouth of a large river, an international airport, a natural cork forest and beautiful beaches.


They decided to call the resort Sotogrande after one of the farms acquired and believed it to turn into one of the most luxurious and finest resorts in the world with a low building density and respect for the natural beauty.


Since then, Sotogrande has grown more and more. In 1963 Mc Micking hired Robert Trent Jones, a very well-known golf course architect at the time to design the prestigious Real Club de Golf de Sotogrande, now within the top of rankings for best golf courses in Europe. At that time, the club was the central meeting point in Sotogrande and the first bungalows for visitors were built around the golf club. In the 80´s the resort started to grow and made a strong commitment to sports.

Today Sotogrande offers five golf courses, Real Club de Golf Sotogrande, La Canada, Almenara, La Reserva Golf Club and the world famous Valderrama Golf Club where first-class golf events have taken place, such as the 1997 Ryder Club, The Volvo Masters or the Spanish Open.


Sotogrande is also very well known for its polo sports. The Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande is one of the four leading polo venues in the world with seven polo fields and large shopping and gastronomic areas. The Grand Slam International Polo Tournament takes place in Sotogrande every summer from the end of July until the end of August. During the summer months, Sotogrande manages to gather the top world polo teams and players for one very unique International Polo event. Sotogrande have three more Polo Academies: Dos Lunas Polo Club, Polo Valley Polo Club and the Ayala Polo Club.


The array of sports in Sotogrande does not stop there, with other very popular ones such as tennis, paddle, horse riding, cycling and sailing. Sotogrande is a real paradise for sports and those that like to have outdoor hobbies.

Today Sotogrande is divided into five areas: Port, Marina, Sotogrande Costa, Sotogrande Alto and La Reserva. Each area has its own extraordinary charm. We would like to get to know you personally to tell you more about Sotogrande and to give you a personal impression on this unique resort.

Why Sotogrande

The real estatemarket in Sotogrande is more international than ever. Foreign investment is very present over the last years but as well the Covid lockdown in 2020 has actually fuelled the already exiting desire of many more potential visitors and foreigners who decide by moving to Sotogrande on a permanent basis. The costa del Sol is more popular than ever in 2021.


On the Costa del Sol, prices continue to rise, according to experts, the new real estate boom is due to the trend changes that occurred due to the pandemic. The home used to be not a priority for citizens, but now they give it more value than ever. Working from home has become a new trend, making it possible for many to move from the expensive small city apartment to the more spacious property in the low-density areas where prices offer a bigger home and a better quality of live for individuals and families.


Sotogrande is one of on the most sought-after resort for families, Polo-followers, Golf players, and outdoor activity fans on the Costa del Sol and southern Europe. Sotogrande is drawn by a healthy and balanced lifestyle with high-quality international schools and an excellent connectivity and accessibility. The location of this beautiful places is ordinary. Whether you would like to go to Tarifa, Cadiz, Marbella, Sevilla, Gibraltar, Skiing to the Sierra Nevada or to Marocco or Portugal, you can reach many places within a couple of hours.

But also, the diversity of nature in Sotogrande is exceptional. On the east side you have the clear blue Mediterranean Sea, where dolphins, various wale species and orcas accompany boats nearby. On the landside Sotogrande is surrounded by beautiful hilly landscape and the national park “Los Alcornocales” full of cork oaks and wild animals. An absolute hiking paradise.


What is also important to mention is the people here that make Sotogrande so special. Sotogrande is a very international place where people from all over the world live. The people are more than welcoming and quickly give you the feeling of being home. If you are looking for a place full of positivity, activity, and a great climate then you have come to the right place in Sotogrande.We have more than 300 days of sunshine a year, which allows us to live outdoors all year round.


Many of our clients only know Sotogrande casually or not at all. Would you like to get to know Sotogrande better and find out about the history, the best hotels, restaurants, sports activities, and shopping-facilities in Sotogrande? Then book your free tour with us now. We are happy to provide you with an accurate picture of the place of Sotogrande and all its advantages.

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