Sotogrande International School: Where Elite Education Meets Extracurricular Excellence

A group of female graduates celebrating their achievement after completing university, symbolizing success and new beginnings in their academic journey within the vibrant community of Sotogrande Real Estate.

In the heart of southern Spain, Sotogrande International School (SIS) stands as a beacon of elite education, offering students a unique blend of academic brilliance and world-class extracurricular sports. Here, children in Sotogrande are privileged to immerse themselves in a holistic educational experience, with access to top-tier sports facilities that define this premier international destination.

Academic Excellence:


Founded in 1978, SIS epitomizes educational excellence, providing a personalized approach that fosters a love for learning and the attainment of brilliance. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) world day and boarding school, SIS caters to over 50 nationalities, offering a comprehensive curriculum from Primary to Diploma levels.


Elite Extracurricular Sports:

Two individuals playing golf on the prestigious grounds of Sotogrande, enjoying the luxury amenities and leisure activities offered by the esteemed real estate community.

Golf: From honing the first swings at La Cañada to mastering skills at Valderrama, Real Club Sotogrande, and La Reserva, SIS students enjoy a golfing journey across some of the world’s best courses.

An individual sailing in the picturesque waters of Sotogrande, experiencing the leisurely lifestyle and maritime activities available within this exclusive real estate destination.

Sailing: Sail into the world of maritime adventure at the Real Club Marítimo. SIS students explore the thrill of the sea and coastal serenity, fostering a love for sailing in an unparalleled setting.

The image depicts a tennis court within the Sotogrande estate, showcasing the premium recreational facilities available to residents and highlighting the lifestyle amenities of this prestigious real estate community.

Tennis: Choose from several tennis centers in Sotogrande, each offering different lessons and surfaces. SIS students enjoy a variety of options, from clay courts to other surfaces, ensuring a tailored tennis experience.

The image features a polo player selecting her bat in the vibrant setting of Sotogrande, reflecting the high-end sporting culture and luxurious lifestyle synonymous with this esteemed real estate locale.

Polo: As a true polo mecca, Sotogrande introduces students to the art of polo through Polo Valley. Surrounded by the scenic Spanish countryside, SIS students have the exclusive opportunity to learn and become polo players, enriching their extracurricular journey.

The image captures the elegance and precision of dressage in the refined setting of Sotogrande, exemplifying the sophisticated equestrian experiences available within this prestigious real estate community.

Dressage: At Ayala Polo Club, students explore the art of dressage, refining their equestrian skills and connecting with the elegance of this discipline.


Show Jumping: Santa Maria Equestrian Centre offers a world-class platform for students to engage in the thrilling world of show jumping, pushing the boundaries of equestrian excellence.


Beyond academics and sports, Sotogrande’s lush landscapes provide students with a serene environment. Here, children receive a world-class education while indulging in elite extracurricular sports, ensuring a holistic lifestyle that fosters personal and athletic growth.


In choosing Sotogrande International School, families secure not just an education but a pathway for their children to excel in elite extracurricular sports. Explore the limitless possibilities awaiting your child at SIS—a place where academic and athletic excellence converge.


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